Our jewellery moulding services include cold moulding, master pattern moulding, and vulcanised moulding. We can produce moulds from metal, resin, and wax.

About Moulding

Moulding master patterns is a traditional way of creating castings. It allows you to cast multiple models that are identical without having to do the work by hand. This also means that you can cast the same model in different metal types.

Once you’ve perfected your master pattern you can send it to us directly to create your mould. Each mould is given a unique code/name for you to make future orders easily.

Spruing your masters

We sprue all master patterns in house. This allows us to sprue in the correct location for casting. Metal master patterns are sprued and soldered with metal supports. Wax master patterns and organic models are sprued and supported with wax.

You will receive your master returned to you with a sprue attached.

Cold Mould

Cold Moulds are a great way to get creative with organic pieces or one off wax carvings. There is no heat or pressure applied with the cold moulding process, leaving the possibilities endless.

A silicone solution is mixed and poured, creating no or little damage to master patterns or organic models. There is 0% shrinkage with a cold mould, so your final model will not be altered in any way, shape or size.

Vulcanised Mould

Vulcanised Moulds are heated to around 165 degrees. This creates a precision mould that can last in excess to 10 years. Our moulds are stored in a dry, warm environment out of direct sunlight to preserve their shelf life.

Shrinkage with vulcanised is approximately 1.5% – 2.5%, this is all dependent on model type & stone settings. We can always look at your individual model and help you with an estimated shrinkage.

Metals that can be vulcanised are:

Waxing at JewelCast

Waxes are created from moulds that have been cut precisely of your master patterns. Each mould is carefully placed into a wax injection machine, liquid molten wax is then injected into each mould to create a wax pattern. From your mould multiple waxes can be taken allowing you to cast into different metal types.

We have a specially trained team of waxers in-house at JewelCast, who ensure all waxes are formed & created correctly going through our vigorous quality control checks.

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Moulding FAQ

Your models should measure a minimum of 0.7mm in depth to be able to create a functional mould.

The moulding process along with casting orders takes around 11 – 15 days to fulfil.

Masters are moulded individually. Very small components or settings can be moulded as sets occasionally (earring settings, etc). This will need to be discussed before the moulding service is carried out with one of our management team.

All moulds created can be kept in house and stored for you in your own personal mould library. This is private & confidential. Once your model is created it’s as simple as placing an online order for your castings with your mould name/number.

Bass, bronze & base metals are best to be cold moulded. Base metal masters can sometimes react with the heat from vulcanising and interfere with the mould cutting process.

All moulds are given a unique mould number/code. This will be inline with your business name or given name to make it easily identifiable.

Hollow master patterns cannot be vulcanised. The heat and pressure will collapse your model. All master patterns vulcanised must be solid metal patterns. Masters that have been amended with milliput or wax cannot then be vulcanised, the material will simply melt, these models can be cold moulded.

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Contact us today, we’d love to hear from you. Whether you want to learn more about our services or are looking for casting advice, we’re always happy to help.