Precious london metal casting, CAD design, moulding, and 3D printing Delivered to London make your designs a reality.

About Our Jewellery Casting Services Across London

We’ve specialised in precious metal castings for over 20 years. We’re passionate about the quality of our metals and the castings we provide to our customers within the industry. Certain metal alloys are mixed in house by our casting team, making our metals completely unique.

All JewelCast metals are recycled as we feel this is the most eco-friendly and ethical way to purchase fine gold. We currently cast over 1000 items per day in different metals.

Our London Design Process

Our experienced team of CAD designers use the latest computer-aided-design software to make your designs come to life! We use MatrixGold to create contemporary and traditional jewellery designs, and ZBrush modelling software to create more organic and textured designs.

This advanced software is also used to create photo-realistic renders and technical drawings for you to share with your customers.

MatrixGold CAD software is the industry standard and enables us to achieve incredibly detailed and accurate designs. MatrixGold is used to create everything from traditional wedding rings through to more complex and contemporary stone set pieces.

We use MatrixGold to produce beautiful renders which display a photo-realistic representation of your design with your chosen metal and stone colours.

Zbrush is a digital sculpting program traditionally used by the gaming and animation industry to create organic and often life-like models.

We use ZBrush to create stunning jewellery designs including animals and
floral pieces, which would otherwise be difficult or impossible to create in
more traditional jewellery design software.

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Our London Metals

We are committed to producing the highest quality castings as we understand the frustration and time wasted on pieces that aren’t good enough. Our quality control and casting teams have a passion for what they do and take pride in only allowing the best castings to be passed having checked each piece.

Not only do we cast in the traditional 18ct and 9ct metals we also cast in 14ct gold (white, yellow and rose), 22ct yellow gold, palladium, platinum and silver.


9ct White

9ct Yellow

9ct Red

14ct White

14ct Yellow

14ct Red

18ct White

18ct Yellow

18ct Red


22ct Yellow

18ct, 13% Palladium

18ct, 16% Palladium

About Our Moulding Services For London

Moulding master patterns is a traditional way of creating castings. It allows you to cast multiple models that are identical without having to do the work by hand. This also means that you can cast the same model in different metal types.

Once you’ve perfected your master pattern you can send it to us directly to create your mould. Each mould is given a unique code/name for you to make future orders easily.

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Contact us today, we’d love to hear from you. Whether you want to learn more about our services or are looking for casting advice, we’re always happy to help.

London Casting FAQ

Casting is a lengthy process that takes over 24 hours to complete.

We do not offer same day casting services due to this time frame.

Any wax or resin sent into us for casting cannot be guaranteed. In case of failed castings we cannot return original models (wax/resin).